Two-Toned Painted Rooms

Color-blocked walls keep popping up in my feeds and in magazines. Have you been noticing them, too? I love how the look can add a lot of color to a room without being overbearing, and instantly makes a space feel modern.

 image (I spy F&B's Arsenic! Such a favorite.)

It's an especially great look for a kids room! This nursery would look so different if it were painted in only the bold color from floor to ceiling. It would be way too intense.

 photo toy-storage-solutions-1.jpg

 photo 53f94eecdbfa3f2546000014._w.540_s.fit_.jpg

 photo Inside out mag.jpg

 photo Bergen-Street-Townhouse-Brooklyn-Ensemble-Architecture-Remodelista-6.jpg

I love how subtle and sweet the colors are in this one below.  Wouldn't something like this be fun in Margot's nursery? The art hanging right on the line is such a great touch!

Jordan Ferney's beautiful living room is another great example of two-toned subtlety! She nailed the colors in here with that crisp white and the palest of blush on the ceiling.

 photo LivingRoomMakeover1.jpg

And check out this high contrast version. White and deep navy! I love the idea of painting right through the moulding and the doors. Also, it doesn't hurt that the hardware and lighting are so perfectly unique and modern!

 photo twotone2.jpg

Continuing the paint line right through the door reminds me of this project featured on One Kings Lane. Such a fun idea for a closet or en suite bathroom door - and it's so easy to change if you ever get tired of the look! I think the key to pulling this off is painting the main walls in the room a bright, clean white and keep the furniture colors and patterns pretty tame as well.

 photo _MG_0727.jpeg

If you're trying to get a similar look with the walls or doors at your house, don't forget my very best painting trick for getting the most crisp lines possible. It's a game-changer!
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