Incorporating the TV

It is such a huge challenge to incorporate a TV into a room without it making too much of a statement! In past homes, I've had good luck with hanging a gallery wall around the TV. This was the stair wall in our brownstone. Hanging art all around our TV, especially a couple of bigger art pieces that were similar in size, really helped it to fit into the gallery wall.

 photo ac1e7f4b27f8276afb58a66136c4f9f2.jpg

In our current home, we had our carpenter build a nook for the TV into the fireplace surround, which I painted black. I think it really helps to camouflage it when it's not on!

 photo IMG_4568.jpg

Recently I had to snap some photos of this great idea I saw in my husband's office building. I thought this beautiful frame was such a clever way to conceal the sides of the TV and the wiring.

 photo IMG_2385 1.jpg

 photo IMG_2390 1.jpg

And here are a few more of my favorite solutions. Most of these require some "building in" the way that my fireplace solution did, but check out what a difference it makes! All of these rooms look amazing, despite the big TVs!

 photo IMG_4538.png

 photo bd36bc52303f3f988926a5382ab37d88 1.jpg

 photo 9cf8b5d1fae53d1d2ff5793979cb36e5.jpg

 photo sunset-flat-screen-tv-hidden-remodelista_0.jpg

 photo air-b-and-b-tv-cabinet.png

 photo 760a88734d18a264f90e8fece65aad0c.jpg

 photo bb4ac48ed061e30800fe5ffec6dfc6ad 1.jpg

 photo 51bcf404d9127e264b001822._w.540_s.fit_.jpg

Cool, right? I'm dying to try one of those last two ideas in my bedroom! Have you had any luck with a great TV-hiding solution?
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