Working on Gracie's Room

We have a big group of guests coming to stay with us over the holidays and I've been hustling to get our girls bedrooms more finished/comfortable in time. I actually sort of love having an excuse to get house projects done! Gracie's bedroom needed the most help and I feel like we've made some good headway this month.

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I had my upholsterer recover this old headboard in a pretty light blue velvet that I bought at a local fabric discount store called Boca Bargoons (awesome name, right?). The frame is queen-sized though and Grace has been sleeping on a super old full-sized mattress that didn't have any support.

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We ended up getting another Leesa mattress for her bed because we've loved the one in our master bedroom so much. And let's be honest, the convenience factor was a big one! The mattress ships (free!) to your doorstep (in a much smaller box than you're expecting) and then you unpack it on your bed frame and watch it grow to full size in about five minutes. It's crazy easy!

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Their mattresses are 10" tall and made of three layers of unique foam, including memory foam and another type of foam that's perforated to keep your mattress nice and cool. (IMPORTANT when you live in the desert like we do!). Isn't the mattress itself so pretty? Seems like a shame to cover it up with bedding. :)

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We've had our Leesa mattress in our master for about four or five months now and I have to say that I really, really love it (just like these 1500 reviewers). It's the perfect combo of soft and supportive. I don't have the best back - mine goes out all the time - and I feel like this mattress has made a world of difference for me! I've been feeling great lately.

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My Grace has the sweetest heart - she loves it as much as I do that Leesa donates a mattress to a shelter for every ten sold. When I told her that she said "Well now I'll really sleep better at night!" Ha!! Kids are the best.

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Between the amazing new mattress and bed frame, we're both feeling pretty great about her room situation! Isn't that blue velvet so pretty? We also put up some new art from Kristi Kohut in her room that pairs so well with it! On the other side of the room we hung an old French poster above a vintage dresser I bought off Craigslist and painted. We're getting close in here!

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Kids rooms are my absolute favorite to decorate! It's so fun to get crazy with color and pattern - and I love a space with no rules. :)

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