Soapstone Countertops are Tops

We're wrapping up some client projects this month and next that I'm super excited to share with you! In two of the projects, we've gone with black soapstone for the countertops. I love the dramatic contrast of dark counters with light/white cabinetry!

I was going for a similar look with the black concrete counters we DIYed for our kitchen in an attempt to save some cash. The truth is though that soapstone is actually a pretty affordable countertop choice. It costs about the same as a standard granite option (about $75-100/sq ft installed) and it wears about as well as a granite too! When we change the layout of our kitchen some day, I'd love to install real soapstone.

 photo IMG_0107.jpg

I love that there is still some soft veining and movement in the stone. It's not a solid or flecked black, which is the case with Jet Black granite. Soapstone also has a super high heat threshold (you can put hot pans right on the surface!) and it is scratch and stain resistant. Any little problems can usually be buffed right out using a little mineral oil (this one is my favorite for natural stone and butcher blocks). But I think the best thing about soapstone is the feel - that smooth, buttery surface!! There's nothing like it.

 photo ab22214f8128dc9464bde50d0c8474e8.jpg

 photo a0e3efa231261c76332a25ac2d9df851.jpg

Here's a progress shot from a home we're working on locally. This is from a couple of weeks ago - I'm so excited to share this space with you guys! It's going to be beautiful! We've got some gorgeous satin brass plumbing fixtures going in that will look amazing against the black soapstone we installed on the perimeter cabinets!

 photo IMG_3333 1.jpg

And how great is the soapstone paired with the white marble on the island?! I feel like the black and white combo is so timeless! Even once we get all the finishes, lighting, hardware, rugs and accessories in here, I know the stone will still be the star of the show!

 photo IMG_3330 1.jpg

What's your dream countertop material? Or what do you have now? The pro/con list for natural stone countertops is a long one, but I feel like soapstone is a pretty smart option!
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