Happening Lately

I think it's high time for a old school style brain-dump post! Here are a bunch of random things on my mind lately:

1) We're hiring! I'm looking for another designer to join our team based in my studio in Mesa, AZ. We especially need more helpers that know CAD and the Adobe suite. Please apply! We're a fun bunch and we've got a ton of exciting projects on the books right now and we need all the help we can get!

 photo HIRING.jpg

2) Because we're growing so fast, I'm considering moving my office out of my house this year. It is so convenient to work from home, especially with the baby, but it's also hard to shut it down, you know? Also, I've always dreamed of a retail shop. One of my girls, Megan, used to work for a cool design firm in a beautiful building that had a retail shop downstairs and their design offices upstairs, which always seemed pretty perfect to me. They've since moved and Megan works for me now (and Camelback Flowershop is in the space), but I think the concept is a great one that works well for a lot of design teams.

 photo IMG_1953.jpg
(pretty Megan!)

 photo IMG_3065.jpg
(pretty Camelback Flowershop!)

I've been poking around, looking for cool places downtown to fix up. We'll see if anything comes of it, but it sure has been fun to be on the hunt and to dream! All of the spaces I can afford right now need a ton of work, like former banks (with vaults!) and transmission shops (!?), but they all have some decent potential. :)

 photo IMG_3636.jpg

 photo IMG_3774.jpg

 photo IMG_4003.jpg

 photo IMG_4001.jpg

 photo IMG_3853.jpg

 photo IMG_4027.jpg

 photo IMG_4199.jpg

3) Craigslist is still loving Kayla. She found this BEAUT of a sofa for us that just needs some upholstery love. Can you even handle the lines and those legs??

 photo IMG_3931.jpg

 photo 00y0y_8oInrstyyZi_600x450.jpg

4) I'm obsessed with this over-sized subway tile we're using in a local client's master bathroom. Wait til you see the satin brass fixtures! Hubba-hubba!

 photo IMG_2838.jpg

5) My parents sure have a pretty drive way.  I'm so glad I can drive up to visit them and get a little taste of the seasons!

 photo IMG_4201.jpg

6) Check out these amazing semi-flush sputnik chandies that just got installed in my client's new closet. Lucent Lightshop (a local company that I LOVE and use all the time) came through for us yet again! So good, right?

 photo IMG_3339.jpg

 photo IMG_3342.jpg

7) Margot is crawling like a champ and her latest trick is the most adorable clap you've ever seen. If anyone in the room says "Yay!" she immediately starts clapping with fervor! Her tiny, chubbiest little hands kill me.

 photo IMG_3759.jpg

She's also really getting into books. She makes the highest pitch squeal whenever I put this Richard Scarry book in front of her. She LOVES the giant cat page and kisses it over and over again. It's like she is breaking my heart on purpose. 

 photo IMG_3770.jpg

8) We call Margot "Bunny" a lot so I immediately wanted a print of this bunny art as seen on the Dwell Studio site. Anyone know the artist?

 photo Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.57.32 AM.png

 photo Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 2.08.32 PM.png

9) My doctor's office had a super old issue of Lucky in the waiting room and it was such a treat to revisit this great article on Claiborne Swanson Frank. What a gorgeous photo, start to finish!

 photo IMG_8151.jpg

9) I've wanted a bluetooth Tivoli radio forever and I finally bit the bullet recently and I have to say, it is everything I dreamed it would be, and more! We use it in the studio to listen to podcasts and all sorts of random music (and I mean RANDOM - everything from Dixie Chicks to Kanye to Fleetwood Mac) and the sound quality is amazing. And it looks so pretty sitting out, so, you know, win-win. :)

 photo IMG_3119.jpg

End of brain dump! It feels good to catch you up. Life is good. Though I feel generally like it is all going by way too fast (how's that for sounding OLD?!). 
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