Game Room Bathroom Redo

I've been helping my parents with a remodel on their home for the past few months and now that the construction is all wrapped up, we're slowly starting the decorating process. We're trying to reuse a lot of old pieces and be smart about what we're buying and this little bathroom in their new game room was no exception!

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Even though we were on a budget for this space, we still wanted it to feel like a retreat. In fact, did you remember to enter the $4500 Re-Treat Your Retreat bathroom remodel give away? Schlage is one the hosts for the give away and we used their brand new door knobs from their polished nickel line, and I'm in love!

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We used polished nickel fixtures in my parents' kitchen and bathrooms, and the new door knobs work together so well with all of our finishes!

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Here's what this small bathroom looked like when the contractors were all finished. We reused the vanity from my parents' old powder bath to save money. And we had enough quartzite left over from the kitchen slabs to make a small countertop in here.

 photo IMG_0840.jpg

I love how the quartzite looks with the marble mosaic tile, which was a Floor and Decor find.  I love the subtle pattern and color!

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We never really loved all the matching bath accessories in here together, so we broke up the set a little by changing out the light fixture for this white enamel sconce, adding a new set of towel hooks and switching out the shower curtain rod for a matte black version.

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To dress up the boring vanity, I took a cue from the built-ins we installed in the game room.

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I cut and added primed pine molding strips to the front and side of the vanity and added two new knobs to the cabinet doors.

 photo IMG_0891.jpg

 photo IMG_9695.jpg

It was such an easy way to update the look!

 photo IMG_9660.jpg

 photo IMG_9609.jpg

And while I had the saw out, I added braces for shelving above the toilet area.

 photo IMG_0883_2.jpg

I painted the braces the color of the walls (Swiss Coffee) and sealed two pieces of poplar board, cut to size at Home Depot, with satin finish Polycrylic.

 photo IMG_0836.jpg

 photo IMG_9507.jpg

 photo IMG_9566.jpg

I love the simplicity of these shelves! We were going to do something with brackets originally, but I like this look so much more for this small space.

 photo IMG_9491.jpg

The little fringe basket is from the Nate Berkus line at Target and the plant is called a snake plant. They're perfect for low-light rooms!

 photo IMG_9649.jpg

I tried to carry some of the wood tones from the shelves to the sink side of the bathroom with the little stool from Homegoods and the art. I found this pair of pencil drawings at the Chelsea flea a long time ago and I'm glad I finally have a place to use them! My parents live near lots of pine and juniper trees, so these drawings feel perfect for their home.

 photo IMG_9736.jpg

 photo IMG_9558.jpg

 photo IMG_9637.jpg

The towels were another Homegoods purchase and the rug was an eBay find (from this favorite seller).

 photo IMG_9653.jpg

 photo IMG_0872.jpg

I'm so happy with how this little bathroom came together! I was proud of how we were able to reuse the old vanity and make this small space feel special for not a ton of money.

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PS Don't forget to enter to win the $4500 bathroom remodel give away, which includes a design plan from me! I'd love to help you Re-treat your own Retreat! :)
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