DIY Lucite Frame

When it came to figuring out art for Evie's room (remember she requested butterflies?), I knew I wanted to try this great tutorial from Honey and Fitz. I've used oversized acrylic sheets for framing wallpaper before and I loved it, but I really like the look of double-paned acrylic rather than just the one sheet against the wall.

 photo IMG_0570.jpg

I had no idea that you can buy smaller sheets of acrylic at Lowes! Such a helpful tip! I picked up four of these 30x36" sheets for about $20 each and then I got started on the artwork with my girls.

 photo IMG_1243.jpg

I found this butterfly book at an antique book store (it can be found here too).

 photo IMG_8854.jpg

 photo IMG_8852.jpg

 photo IMG_8839.jpg

It has about 50 color plates of butterfly sketches that I referenced to draw random butterflies on two sheets of lilac colored art paper that I cut to be just a few inches shorter than the acrylic sheets.

 photo IMG_1340.jpg

I outlined the sketches in black sharpie and let the girls color them in however they wanted. My two older girls used acrylic paint and Evie went with markers.

 photo IMG_1347.jpg

 photo IMG_1343.jpg

 photo IMG_1350.jpg

After they finished coloring in the butterflies, I mounted the paper to the back acrylic sheet with double-sided tape and then marked where I wanted my screws to go. Then I heated an extra large nail with a long match until it was hot enough to melt the acrylic. This is a much easier way to make holes in the acrylic than screwing with a drill. Acrylic is pretty brittle and can break in the drilling process, but the hot nail is easy and pretty painless!

 photo IMG_1163.jpg

 photo IMG_1391.jpg

Then all you do is thread the holes with a 1/2" long machine screw and a nut to sandwich the two boards together.

 photo IMG_1161.jpg

You can use picture hanging wire wrapped around the screw underneath the nut to hang your new frame.

 photo IMG_1168.jpg

The wire will show a little on the side middle screws, but it's not really noticeable. 

 photo IMG_0549.jpg

I love how this project turned out and the girls really loved working on it with me! :)

 photo IMG_0534.jpg

 photo IMG_0495.jpg
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