New Mattress!

Big news, guys. We got a new mattress over the weekend and we've already put it through rigorous comfort testing! Margot gives it two tiny, chubby thumbs up.

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After I posted about being in the market for a new mattress, a cool new company called Leesa reached out to me. They sell amazingly comfortable mattresses for a great price - and they ship them for free, straight to your door, with a 100-day risk-free return policy. This is the future, my friends! 

When the mattress box arrived, I was worried that they had sent me the wrong order. The box was much smaller than I expected it to be! I thought it was maybe a crib mattress or something? 

 photo IMG_9045.jpg

But once we started unwrapping it, the mattress began to expand and take shape.

 photo IMG_9055.jpg

Within an hour or so it had expanded to its full 10" thickness! It was pretty cool to watch. And the whole time I was thinking how amazing it was that I was getting a new mattress without actually going to a mattress store (which feels a lot like buying a car to me - i.e., torture).

 photo IMG_9238.jpg

The mattress is so, so comfortable - super soft, but still firm and supportive. And it's a shame it has to get covered up with bedding - the mattress itself is gorgeous! It looks and feels like a soft sweater.

 photo IMG_9061.jpg

I am all heart eyes for my new mattress and for Leesa, who donates a mattress to a shelter for every ten sold. I love it.

 photo IMG_9073.jpg

Getting this new mattress was step one in our mini bedroom makeover. Step two is getting a new bed frame (one that better fits a true king - more about that here). I'm hoping to get that ordered and the walls painted this week. We're lightening everything in here up a bit and I can't wait for the change!

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Thank you to Leesa for sponsoring LGN! For $75 off your order (for the first 50 readers), use the code LGN75 at checkout.

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