14 Ways to Beautify Your Closet Doors

My jaw dropped when I first saw this gorgeous and simple closet door update on the One Kings Lane blog. I love projects like this one that look expensive and complicated, but are actually easy to execute and are super affordable.



I've done a ton of closet door updates in my day. Here are my very favorite ones from my site and from around the web. What I love the most about these projects is they are simple and inexpensive and not a huge commitment, so you can get fun and funky with your choices and who cares if you're ready for a change at some point?

I added very thin molding to this door in our old loft. I love the double square pattern and the bright pop of color!

 photo IMG_7723.jpg

You can't go wrong chinoiserie panels in my book, but these hot pink beauties are extra special! PS here's a great place to buy (more) affordable hand painted panels.

 photo eaf3acc3144d19c9c04abaf0075acf34.jpg

In my first story for Domino, I added 30 pieces of mirror to these painted IKEA Pax armoires, dentil trim moulding and gold pulls. I think the mirror inside helps amp things up, too!

 photo pax2-550x378.jpg

Here's another wallpaper idea - this one's from House Beautiful. I love the bold pattern. Wouldn't something like this be great in a kids room? It's a great way to add wallpaper without breaking the bank. You'd only need one roll to do a closet door like this one.

 photo 54c13c4e1ee1e_-_01-hbx-wallpaper-closet-warner-0510-s2.jpg

Another great idea for a kids space - simply paint the closet doors with chalkboard paint. Make sure to use a foam brush or roller so there are no brush marks!

 photo 5217d3be697ab04a13004a0c._w.540_s.fit_.jpeg

Here's another paneling + yellow paint idea, but this one was made with canvas stretchers hung with my very favorite picture hanging strips! Easy and rental-friendly!!

 photo closetdoorafter_large_jpg.jpg

I decoupaged some pretty floral fabric on inexpensive, flat bi-fold closet doors and I made a folding screen, but obviously the same idea works when using them as closet doors. This can be a really inexpensive way to get the wallpapered look. And - bonus! - the finish is wipeable! Great for a play room!

 photo S17.jpg

I love the idea of adding nail head to a flat door for pattern and texture, the way Ashley Hicks did here.

 photo 82fbf53bd5b813eab173aec7cc8f6e77.jpg

A layer of leather underneath the nail heads would be even more amazing!

 photo washington9.jpg

And here's another favorite. This one would be a ton of work to DIY, but it's such a luxe look!

 photo 2418bad7996cff03da88fbdb6dc143e5.jpg

I've done some experimenting with glass to look like antique mirror (here's my favorite version of that project). I love how the antiqued mirror looks on closet doors! These are gorgeous.

 photo eec5ba2d044dbbbc459e4f05e33ac2a7.jpg

I love the pattern and hardware used on these doors from Driven By Decor! The squared off pattern is so Palm Springs!

 photo DIY Molding Closet Doors 600 wm whiter.jpg

This project uses O'Verlays and grasscloth wallpaper. Another renter-friendly approach!

 photo MacRae-After-2.jpg

I added wooden rounds from the hardware store and chunky moulding to our studio closet doors. I still love them and the glossy Gentlemen's Gray color.

 photo IMG_3260.jpg

And if you're not up for a lot of work, just paint your closet doors black and switch out the hardware. I pulled these off of an old Draper chest. I love how they look in our guest bedroom.

 photo IMG_6547 1.jpg

I'd love to see some of your closet door projects! What am I missing here?
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