DIY: House Number Door Mat

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I've had a pair of black resin planter boxes out front for a while now and they keep getting these weird white marks on them that don't really clean off. Every time I walk by them I make a mental note to do something about it. Then I saw this image on Pinterest:

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White! Glorious, bright white. So fresh and so clean. Why fight the mysterious white marks and why spend big bucks on new planters when these are fine? So I busted out a can of primer and put on a good four coats. I love the chalky white finish.

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I remembered my grandpa telling me once that white gravel is great for planter boxes because it helps retain moisture. Plus it looks so pretty! I picked up a $5 bag at Home Depot and that was more than enough for my two planters.

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I'm hoping the rocks help me keep these new fig trees alive. The trees are supposed to be drought resistant, but that hasn't helped me in the past. I really need to be better about watering consistently - or maybe I should just put these on a drip system.

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The new trees looked so pretty, I decided my coir door mat needed an update too! I picked up a roll of contact paper from the dollar section at Target and looked online for a pretty number 2.

 photo IMG_1255.jpg
 photo No2_LogoFinal_FondBlanc_LR.jpg
Then I traced and cut out the contact paper stencil.

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Then I removed the sticker backing and carefully pressed the paper into place, focusing on the inside edges. I also added some paper around the perimeter of the stencil to prevent overspray.

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It's a good idea to spray in short bursts directly face-on when spray painting a stencil, rather than moving all around - the paint just gets under the stencil that way.

 photo IMG_8758.jpg

 photo IMG_8760.jpg

No too bad, right? I am thinking about adding a border around the perimeter like these mats, but I sort of like the simplicity here.

 photo IMG_1281.jpg

 photo IMG_8796.jpg

We still need a new lantern out front and I want to replace the doorbell and add a dummy handle to the stationary door. I also want to have a piece of marble cut for the threshold - I only need about 3" wide. I am buying a slab for a project I have for up in the studio and I think I'll just have the stone guys cut a piece for me then that I could throw down with some cement glue.

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I would love to have a little bench out here someday soon too. Maybe to replace that silly little plant shelf thing. I've been poking around looking for something pretty, but I think I would like to find a vintage piece. I did find some treasures for outdoor spaces in my online searching though! Check these beauties out:

 photo LGN front entry1.jpg
bullet planter  //  b/w house numbers  //  brass planter  //  black planter  //  white outdoor sconce  //  klismos outdoor bench  //  brass entry set (the ultimate dream!! swoon.)
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