Marble Paper as Wallpaper

I'm working on a powder room project that could use a little punch. I love this bathroom published in Lonny. The walls were papered with marbled gift wrap (the same paper I used here). Isn't this space gorgeous? I love that the direction of the swirls is random - there's so much movement here!

 photo 31fee209277984c11833d6218a373e85.jpg

 photo marble-paper-art-wall-lonny-aug-2012.jpg

Here are a few more of my favorite marbled paper walls. It's a great way to add a little excitement to a wall or a nook:

 photo 338aefd17140e90db605ae49ca8a8467_1.jpg

 photo 1a51d60c83acd3dc8e9c723c66329362.jpg

 photo main.original.585x0.jpg

 photo a4c86263e32c3068c9a92ff39326f89b.jpg

 photo eafd3e621b70306678dd86a0e4224f31.jpg

And I think it's still so pretty for smaller applications. I really love marbled paper on the back of a bookshelf or secretary especially.

 photo 0cd83b1c3f560aa85f43cd199e8e7eca.jpg

 photo paper_shade_main6.jpg

 photo DIY-CIgar-Box-Jewelry-Box-683x1024.jpg

If you're in the market for some pretty paper for a project, here are a few of my favorites available online right now, ranging from $3-8 per sheet. I'm thinking one of these could be a winner for my powder bath project.

 photo marble papers LGN.jpg
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PS West Elm makes a marble print wallpaper now!

 photo west elm marble.jpg

PPS If you're feeling adventurous, make your own marbled papers! I think it would be pretty to marbleize a few mats for a picture frame series.