Vintage Bassinet Redo

Our little one is due in the next two weeks or so here (!) and we are all getting very excited!

 photo IMG_8622.jpg

I think we are going to do a few little bedroom switches when the baby gets older, but I haven't worked it all out yet, so I've held off on buying a new crib. I did pick up a bassinet off Craigslist though and gave it a little makeover during the holidays.

 photo IMG_8563.jpg

 photo IMG_8567.jpg

I love, love the shape of the basket, but the finish and color of the wood was not my favorite.

 photo IMG_8572.jpg

Since the bassinet will stay in our bedroom, I thought a soft white would be prettiest against our dark walls (the color is Ben Moore's Knoxville Gray). I had a couple cans of Rustoleum's Heirloom White on hand, which is the perfect off-white.

 photo IMG_8581.jpg

I think the secret to a great spray painted finish is several thin coats with lots of drying time between coats. If you get any drips or dust in the finish, a fine grade sanding block will work wonders.

 photo IMG_8582.jpg

I had to trim the corners of a portable crib mattress down to fit the oval shape of the bassinet and I think it needs a little more trimming to fit perfectly and I might end up altering the sheets, but I'm pretty happy with how the bassinet turned out.

 photo IMG_8616.jpg

 photo IMG_8637.jpg

All her little clothes and swaddling blankets are washed, her car seat's installed and ready, we're just waiting for her to show up! The poor little thing is breech and the cord is tangled around her neck a few times, so she's having a hard time flipping. I've been doing all sorts of awkward yoga to get her moving and untangled, but no luck yet! Any tips?

 photo IMG_8598.jpg
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