DIY: Blush Pink Flokati Throw

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't regularly sing my praises of Jenna Lyons and her chic office? There's a reason everyone loves this space. She is the coolest.

 photo pink.jpg

I realized I was subconsciously channeling her office style while doing some updates to our studio space this month when I had the thought to dye this little faux flokati throw pink.

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 photo IMG_7511.jpg

 photo IMG_7473.jpg

It was a super easy project and here's the how-to:

 photo IMG_7593.jpg

I picked up my throw at HomeGoods (it was made by Safavieh) for about $15. IKEA sells a very similar version in both acrylic (which is what this one is made out of) and the real deal wool sheepskin (which I used in this and this upholstery project).

 photo IMG_7291.jpg

 Before dying the throw, I rinsed it really well and made sure every fiber was all the way wet.

 photo IMG_7299.jpg

Then I mixed a small dye bath in a tupperware tub in the hottest water my tap would give me. I use about 3 parts Petal Pink colored liquid RIT and 1 part Lemon Yellow.

 photo IMG_7283.jpg

 photo IMG_7308.jpg

I let the throw sit in the hot dye bath for about an hour before rinsing it in cold water.

 photo IMG_7315.jpg

 I let the throw drip dry over night and then I gave it a brush and blow dry to make it nice and soft and fluffy before throwing it over one of our white S chairs.

 photo IMG_7604.jpg

Because my throw was acrylic, the dye only barely tinted the fibers. The natural wool version would have been much darker, but I don't really mind the subtlety here. A little pink can go a long way. :)

 photo IMG_7598.jpg
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