Kilim Rug Upholstered Furniture

Ever since this project that I did for Domino, I've been obsessed with upholstering furniture with flat woven rugs.

 photo Rugbench2.jpg

It's surprisingly easy to work with the thicker material (especially if you have this amazing staple gun) and it just looks so unique. Not to mention it is super hard-wearing and stain-resistant!

 photo Rugbench1.jpg

 photo Rugbench3.jpg

I'm in the middle of two different rug upholstery projects that I'm excited to share with you soon. I'm hoping to start a third rug upholstery project right away too, since hunching over is getting more and more tricky these days! I just need to find a good (and cheap) kilim to use. I found this curvy headboard for almost nothing at a junk store here locally and I think it would look so great in a pastel, washed out stripey kilim for one of the girls rooms. I'm thinking white linen for the welting.

 photo IMG_6999.jpg

When I first stumbled on the headboard, I thought of this super-cool ikat version that Amanda Nesbit used in this House Beautiful room makeover:

 photo Amanda-Nisbet-Bedroom-makeover-782x1024.jpg

It's not quite the same as mine - but I like the concept of a really interesting ethic textile on the upholstery paired with pretty, simple bedding.

 photo nisbet-48-measurements-headboard-0710-nisbet-48-xl.jpg

I'm sort of thinking of more of a stripe at this point for our curvy headboard, sort of like this one:

 photo e52f7c4a5f82c6f10585c15cccf3fe0f.jpg
Costas Picadas

I've got some ideas up my sleeve, but in the meantime, here are some of my favorite inspiration images for kilim-upholstered furniture pieces.

 photo crosbystreethotelchaircococozy.jpg

 photo Kilimfurniture.jpg
Wisteria  //  Safavieh  //  Anthropologie

 photo 2014-06-05_143338.jpg

 photo Kilimchairs.jpg  //  Andrew Martin

 photo kilim-sofa1.jpg
West Elm

 photo 5053667395_1295932a69.jpg

 photo 2014-03-14_135640.jpg

Have you ever used a rug to upholster a bench or a chair? I'm thinking I have my work cut out for me with the curves of that headboard. It might end up being a job for my upholsterer, but I'm willing to try first. He gives me a deal when I've stripped off the old fabric for him anyway. :)

(PS I wish Wisteria still made that black and white settee. It was so pretty!!)
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