Bedroom Refresh and Wood Tile

I'm up at my parents' house, helping them start the planning process for a big renovation they're hoping to take on soon. While I'm here we're also starting a little bedroom refresh. Remember when I decorated their room five years ago? How has it been SO long already?! We're keeping the beautiful Barbara Barry Poetical curtains, but most everything else is getting switched up.

 photo IMG_7437.jpg

We're trying to find a good mix of high and low in here, like with a more affordable, but still really beautiful, headboard made up with special linen bedding. A foot of the bed bench from Overstock and a special antique wingback upholstered in a pretty pale blue silk.

 photo ScreenShot2014-11-10at125729AM.png

We're painting a pair of vintage chests a creamy white and thinking about splurging on these amazing leather and brass pulls. I bought a pair recently for the serpentine chest we keep on the landing and I love them an unreasonable amount! :)

 photo IMG_7506.jpg

We've been collecting art, lamps and accessories at thrift and antique stores. We're still missing a few items, like a new rug and an oversized floor mirror, but Homegoods gave us a little inspiration on both fronts. Sadly the mirror was more than we wanted to pay and the rug was the wrong size. I think it's sold out pretty much everywhere, but I know it's made by Jaipur Rugs. I'm hoping we can find something in a similar pale blue and cream color way soon.

 photo IMG_6161.jpg

 photo IMG_7429.jpg

Speaking of flooring, we've been working hard to figure out the floors for my parents' reno. Their floor plan is very open and we keep turning back to wood tile so we could use the same material in every space. Have you looked at this stuff lately? It's come lightyears from the time it first came out, and it's hard to beat it's durability and price point, especially when considering installation and upkeep. It also really makes sense for homes built on concrete slab, like most of the homes in Arizona, and like my parents' home. My mom and I fell in love with this image of a wood tile floor and we shopped around a few weeks ago, trying to find something similar.

 photo b4fecc3a83c9ad85e774ad76103d6ac4.jpg

We found this tile at a local showroom, made by the Italian tile-maker Supergres. It comes in four foot lengths and three different widths for less than $5 per square foot! We're both excited about the size and color. Each box comes with six tiles with a subtly different wood grain pattern on each tile.

 photo IMG_7426.jpg

 photo IMG_7428.jpg

Have you used wood tile in your home? Any tips for installation? We're going to make the grout lines as small as possible and I think that will really help trick the eye.
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