Baby Bassinets

Somehow I'm already about eight weeks out from having this baby! The last trimester has really snuck up on me - and I'm not at all ready. We got rid of all our baby stuff in New York so I'm full on starting over with everything.

I know everyone has a different ideas about baby gear, but I'm a fan of bassinets for at least the first few months. I want to find a good one to keep in our bedroom while I finish up the nursery.

I'd love to find a really cool one like the bassinets above, but most are crazy expensive or really hard to find. I do have a family friend that offered up an antique bassinet like this one below. She's going to get rid of it either way, so I could do whatever I wanted with it, like paint it or change the base in some way.

 photo 00f0f_c9WMzsQeleO_600x450.jpg

I'm also drawn to the clean lines of this super affordable bassinet. Could be cute painted, right? I feel like I'll miss the casters though.

 photo babyletto-Bowery-Bassinet.jpg

I also really love this rocking Moses basket stand!

 photo 0f39f2babe216a8f1449c89e29ca3fbc2.jpg

I like this basket to go on the stand. I love that I could pull it off and use it at the park or when we go on overnight trips. 

 photo 586035.jpeg
Have you seen any great (and affordable) bassinet options out there? I'm also looking for car seat recommendations if you have one that your especially love. :) I feel like a brand new momma again!