Affordable Framing and Easy DIY Picture Rail

I love family photos - especially candid ones. They make a space feel so personal and home-y. But the ease of digital photography is such a blessing and curse, isn't it?! I have a million photos of my kids, but I so rarely get anything printed, and even more rarely framed. It's a pain to deal with, and it's impossibly expensive to do it well.

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I wanted to make a family photo wall in our bedroom on the wall opposite the desert murals, but I wanted something a little different than the standard gallery wall. So I headed to Ace and picked up a few supplies and made a picture rail using just plumber's chain and two brass rods hung on cafe curtain brackets.

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It's a pretty simple set up for displaying my newly printed family photos in some of the prettiest custom frames I've ever seen! I partnered up with a new-to-me company called Framebridge, and to say I was impressed with the simplicity, price and quality would be a huge understatement!

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To print, frame and ship a photo from my Instagram account was only $39 with Framebridge! They have a really great app that makes it a breeze to order. (How's that for removing some of the anxiety of the upcoming gift-giving season?!)

 photo IMG_5872.jpg

I ordered a handful of my favorite instagrams in a mix of different frames. They have 25 really beautiful frame options - all of them simple, classic and high-quality. I'm obsessed with the burl and tiger wood options.

 photo IMG_5239.jpg

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The frames come ready to hang with kraft paper backings, felt feet, saw tooth hangers and even nails! I removed the hangers and screwed in little brass hooks to hang the frames on the plumber's chain.

 photo IMG_5748.jpg

 photo IMG_5865.jpg

 photo IMG_5839.jpg

I love how the simplicity of the rail and chain let the frames (and photos!) be the stars of the show. Hardware store hack success!!

 photo IMG_5798.jpg

In addition to the great Instagram deal, Framebridge has really straight-forward pricing on bigger, even much bigger, prints that you can upload for them to print out or you can send in. Like this gorgeous Nicole Cohen print I had them frame. They sent me a prepaid mailing tube and I got this beautiful burl wood beauty right back. I LOVE it.

 photo IMG_5713a.jpg

The art print can be purchased here (along with a ton of really cool images from the uber-talented Nicole!)

 photo IMG_5732a.jpg

 photo IMG_5722.jpg

I love discovering companies that make it painless to finish projects for my house! After getting burned one too many times at the arts and crafts store framers, I feel like I've found a resource that I'll be using for a long time to come.

 photo IMG_5703a.jpg

A big thanks to Framebridge for partnering with us on this post! And this just in: use the promo code 2INSTA50 to get two framed instagram prints for only $50! Super sweet.
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