Handwritten Notes and Floral Prints

Do you have a pattern that you're especially drawn to, over and over again? Floral patterns are my weakness. Especially the patterns with a modern feel or florals on a stark white or a dark background (still love wearing these jeans!).

 photo 23.jpg

I subscribe to the idea that every room should have a few touches of living things - everything from houseplants to imagery of flowers and animals. It really helps breath color and life into a space or a thing. I love floral stationery for the same reason - it feels fresh and pretty!

 photo 20.jpg

I am admittedly not the best at sending handwritten notes, but I've been trying to be better about it this year. My heart skips a beat whenever I actually get real mail so I assume others might feel the same (Do you?). I ordered some postcards from Tiny Prints to try and make my note-writing goal that much easier. How cute are these floral cards? They have that modern edge that I love so much.

 photo 3TinyPrints3copy.jpg

Because I am just that lazy, but also because they're super cute, I ordered address stickers, too. I debated whether or not to blur out the address because maybe some of you would have sent me some pretty mail? Privacy won in the end (boring, I know). ;)

 photo 2TinyPrints1copy.jpg

It's fun to have a big old stack of blank post cards on my desk, sitting pretty, but ready for action at all times! I've been sending them to friends and clients and family that live far away. Post cards are sort of like the Twitter of letter-writing - you have to keep things short and sweet, which is helpful for people like me that tend to get wordy.

 photo 2TinyPrints2copy.jpg

Here are a few more of my floral-themed favorites available at Tiny Prints right now, in case you're looking to breath some color and life into your office space and your friends' mailboxes! :)

 photo TinyPrintsJenny.jpg
Clockwise from top left: Golden Laurel address labels  //  Simple Shout Out floral post cards  //  Flowery Joy notepad  //  Lithe Laurel custom self-inking stamps  //  Floral Mosaic Large Tray  //  Night Garden Custom Pillow

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, where every choice is a stylish choice.
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