Onyx X-Base Side Tables

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Years ago, at the ABC Outlet in the Bronx, I fell in love with this antique onyx-topped side table. But even on sale the table was about $700, so I just took a few photos of it and filed away the idea.

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When I was figuring out the floor plan for the library, I knew I would likely have to design my own side tables for the roll-arm sofa, since the bay windows made the space a little awkward for furniture. I needed long and skinny tables that were the right height for the low sofa arms. (Don't mind my dresses hanging in the window here - I was just trying to figure out what color I liked for curtains.) :)

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About the same time, I totally fell in love with the legs of these side tables that were for sale on Chairish. The dimensions weren't right for my space though and the color of the stone was too similar to my floors, but the design was just about perfect!

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I had found a welder who I was also using to make my bathroom sink base. His name is Dave and his business is called Custom Metal Concepts. He's a really, really nice guy and was careful with all the things I cared the most about (the diameter of the rods and the sturdiness of the bases). He is not all that comfortable with painted finishes as far as I could tell though, so I offered to handle that part myself. I am so thrilled with his work on both of the projects I had him do. I knew the tables would look different from the photos I gave Dave since my dimensions were about half the size of the inspiration tables, but I think he did a wonderful job of maintaining the feel and the proportion of the originals. And they are as sturdy as can be! No wobbles here.

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For the table tops, I stopped in to Allpride Marble again to see what their remnant section had to offer. I found this (very dusty) small piece of onyx that was only $30! Fabrication costs were about $50 though, just to have the tops cut to size with polished edges and then to have the surfaces honed. But I guess $80 for the stone wasn't such a bad deal.

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I measured and marked out the cuts before leaving the stone yard so I could maximize what I thought were the prettiest parts of the slab. They dropped off the finished tabletops with the sink a couple weeks ago. I LOVE how the light shines through the stone. It just glows in full sun!

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Before I epoxied the onyx to the table bases, I cleaned up some of the rust off the steel legs.

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I used my fingers and a rag to add some Gold Leaf Rub'N Buff to the legs in just selective spots. I didn't want the finish to look uniform at all.

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The steel took the Rub'N Buff really well and after it had dried the finish was pretty solid and wasn't going anywhere. It dried almost like paint.

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I really, really love the tables. I love how they look, but I mostly love how unique they are! Lots of people indirectly came together to create these tables - from inspiration to fabrication. It was such a satisfying creative process for me.

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It's hard to say exactly how much each table came out to in the end because the welder gave me a bundled price for the sink base and the two tables, but with the stone fabrication and everything I think these came out to about $200 each. Not exactly thrift store prices, but I know I will love these forever and ever. They are worth every penny and more to me.

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