Wallpaper in the Entry

I love how high the ceilings are in our entry, but it makes it a little bit tricky to decorate in there! The big walls just swallow up even two or three pieces of art stacked on each other.

 photo IMG_5571.jpg

 photo IMG_5578.jpg

I'm so excited to share more, but at the twelfth hour before the big shoot next week, we have decided to wallpaper the entry! I am beyond excited. 

 photo mIMG_5559.jpg

The wallpaper arrived within an hour of the wallpaper hanger today - just in time! We saved a little bit of money by prepping the walls ourselves, but I wish I could have DIYed the whole thing. I've hung wallpaper a bunch of times before and it's usually a doable project, but this was definitely a job for the pros. A big part of it is we are completely out of time and this was a last minute decision, but the bottom line is I get dizzy just thinking about carefully hanging those long sheets on a 18' ladder! It is worth every pretty penny to get to admire from afar on this one! ;)

 photo IMG_5583.jpg

 photo IMG_5576.jpg

I can't wait to share the afters, but in the meantime, I'll show you my inspiration photos. I LOVE how wallpaper can stand alone in a room, and how it looks so magical layered with art and other colors and patterns!

 photo ABloomsburyLifeentry2.png

 photo Green-Bicycle-Design-wallpapered-foyer-cherry-branches-ikat-bench-red-stairs.jpg

 photo damask-blue-wallpaper-bhg.jpg

 photo styleathomeeclectic-foyer-MAIN.jpg
Meredith Heron for Style at Home

 photo abc643719a9a.jpeg
Anna Spiro (her gorgeous wallpaper line is HERE)

 photo black-adn-white-busy-wallpaper-foyer.jpg

 photo 812d2b424e78dab712e53d8182ce8574.jpg

 photo markhamroberts560848e57bf9e2bea7ec60cf8292a48c.jpg
Markam Roberts

 photo timothywealone5a84004ceb6ce86749dee4367cef2fc.jpg
Timothy Whealon

 photo 50f9695e42bab2dfda102ff330d81966.jpg

Back to work! On my to do list for tonight: tuft a little headboard and dye six curtain panels. Sheesh - what have I gotten myself into??
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