Future Business Ideas Include Leveraging The Internet

In order to best understand why we look for future business ideas we have to think about the nature of the mankind. It's our nature as a human being that we always try to optimize everything. We try to do things better, faster, with less energy input. This is the engine of the development of the whole world.

Just like everything else the business world is changing too; especially with existence of Internet. The Internet has become one of the future business ideas for the entire business world as the profit for a typical Internet business is more than 90%, yet it is usually between 15-20% for an ordinary business model. Let me show you a good example proving why the Internet based businesses are better, why they develop faster with less energy input so that you can see that if a business grows faster and with less effort, that business becomes profitable faster than the traditional kind.

Before the future business ideas
Imagine that there is a Coffee Shop opened somewhere in the area you live. The owner tries to find the target group of people, the potential customers for his Cafe. A traditional business would start the search from the customers that are already visiting the Coffee place. At this point the owner of the place doesn't know that where these people come from and what other things they like except for the coffee. The boss creates a survey to ask these questions from the current customers. In order to keep this example very simple let's just concentrate on the following questions in that survey.

Where do the current visitors live? What other drinks and foods do they like? In exchange for filling the survey he offers a free coffee. Now the owner has got the information and he can now start his future business ideas and creating a marketing campaign (advertisement) that targets specifically the people living within similar distance as the current visitors and he also tries to implement some elements of what his current customers like (let's say the statistics of the survey shows that most percentage of people that visiting the Coffee Shop would like to eat as well, so the next step would be serving some food in order to satisfy the needs of the customer).
As we can see this is a bit of pain, right? Let's see how it gets done using the Internet as one of the future business ideas! Let's say you have a Sushi place somewhere. Many persons want to eat Sushi daily in the town you live. They do a Google search putting in some Sushi related keywords and you are there on the first page of the search engines so you get the business.

In this example you don't need to wait until you have a little bit of customer base to conduct a statistics that is based on big number of people; you can find out some very useful data with a push of a button about the people that are looking for Sushi in your town. You'll be able to see how old they are, where the majority of Sushi customers are living, where they usually go after leaving your website, etc. Now what is this information worth for a smart marketer? It's worth gold, if you know how to use it. (What else do would you call future business ideas?)
How to make money using the Internet as one of the future business ideas?
Here is my example to clarify how to make money from this information. Let's say you find out that the majority of your Sushi customers go and check out some cocktail site after leaving your website. Now you can realize that after they finished eating Sushi in your place they go to drink some cocktails. Your next step would be to utilize these future business ideas and start making some quality cocktails in your Sushi place to keep them there and to let them spend their cocktail money with you.
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