Looking For Creative Business Ideas - Event, Holiday & Life Milestone Business Ideas

If you are looking for creative business ideas to start a small business, there are an abundance of services needed by people coordinating a major event or seminar, and also by people celebrating a major life milestone such as a wedding, special anniversary or birthday.
Now add in all the major holidays and the inspiration for creative business ideas can become infinite. Let's look at some of the ways you could start a small business and create an extra income for yourself helping people organize, manage, decorate and clean up after these happenings.

Halloween has just come and gone and now the Christmas season is coming. Do you know what people need the most help with when preparing to celebrate a major holiday? It's time! Most people are just too busy with all the aspects of their daily lives and adding something like Christmas on top of that can mean major overwhelm. This is where you can come in.
Services such as indoor and outdoor decorating, specialty food catering for parties, gift shopping, preparing and mailing Christmas cards and many other services are all a boon to the average stressed out family. And starting a service business like this requires a minimal start-up cost.

Now moving on to major events like seminars and conferences, there can be requirements for food services, decorating, child care, clean-up and more. Have you ever wondered who cleans up after a major rock concert or other big outdoor gathering? Specialty clean-up services are usually contracted to do this type of work. Providing a service like this can mean making a lot more money than just having a regular house-cleaning service and this is where creative business ideas can start. Look at already existing businesses and find a specialty or niche that you can service within the industry.

Moving on to the major life milestone events such as a wedding, could you find a niche to service here? How about a service that drapes ceilings for a reception hall? Putting up yards and yards of tulle netting and lights to transform a drab reception hall into a wonderland would be a specific niche service within the wedding planning industry. I went to a wedding once at the community center in my town where the ceilings had been draped and lighted beautifully and it was the most profound transformation. The space was just concrete and normally very unattractive and everyone that attended the wedding was just dumbfounded that such an ugly space could become so inviting. The tables had all been set beautifully and the chairs all slip covered with slip on cloths and ribbon and the effect was just stunning. And these are all services that the bride ordered and paid for, small businesses providing a niche service and doing a successful job too.

Of course with a service like this and/or outdoor holiday decorating you would have to be very comfortable on a ladder, but these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when you start to look around and notice all the possibilities for creating a small business related to major events and life milestones.
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