Home Based Business Ideas - Money at Your Cooker

When times are financially tough, women have traditionally been able to give their housekeeping a much needed boost by using their hands - and in particular their ovens. Why this should be is simple: every day she provides a host of meals for whatever brood she is blessed with. Very occasionally, she finds herself with an ability to produce something precious, something that others want, something that will sell. If you are looking for home based business ideas, can you make money at your cooker?
 Having found the main business idea using your cooker, what do you do next and how do you get started?

1) Decide on a goal - What will you make and how many a day? How much money do you want to make and for what purpose? Where will you sell your produce? Will there be any overheads?
If the reason to make money is for your dream holiday, find a picture and stick it on the fridge. Keep your dream before your eyes constantly. Working out a simple plan will help stay you focused when it seems easier to just do nothing and watch TV.

2) Check out Safety Regulations or hygiene requirements with your local authority. They may need to assess your kitchen area and ask you to do a foundation course in food technology. Each area differs so let them know what you would like to do and get their expert advice!

3) Make sure you have correct labelling. For those with serious allergies, it is essential to know if any food has been prepared in an area where nuts have been. Thinking of your customer interests will gain a loyal following.

4) Crank up your cooker and go market! Attractive packaging can seriously boost sales so pay particular attention. Carry out research beforehand to see where to source the best packaging deals for your product and also where you will sell your wares.

5) Launch with the backing of your friends. A good way to engage people's interest is to throw a coffee morning and invite friends and neighbours round. Explain you want to sell your goodies and would like them to sample your food for market research. Have a stash of questionnaires handy and ask them to fill one in for each sample they try. Include somewhere for suggestions and improvements and also if they think anyone else would be interested in buying your produce.

Don't forget to include an area about the product presentation. Testing your market is seriously important in any home based business venture and allows you to continually tweak things to attract a returning customer.
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