Bond With Your Tot by Baking!

Sunday afternoon can get pretty stressful. The kids are starting to get bored and I'm running out of entertainment ideas. Now that the cold has set in, it's even more challenging to find something to keep everyone busy. Nothing perks the kids up more than a baking activity.

Kids loves spending time with their parents in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats. Besides the fact that they get something yummy to eat, it's fun to spend time with Mommy preparing treats on their own.
Keep baking time as low stress as possible. If you are having company coming over soon - don't even attempt. It will make a mess - my kitchen is usually coated with a thin layer of flour by the time I'm done. Only start if you have the energy to stay upbeat and to cleanup afterwards.

Make it a learning experience. Have your toddler help you gather the ingredients, pour in the measured items and help you shape the dough.
Here is a great recipe that my kids love to do. We come back to it again and again. It's delicious, easy to make and quick to whip up. Freeze half the batch - it tastes delicious straight from the freezer!