Small Business Ideas - Help the Community Get Healthy by Selling Organic Beef

If you are a person who has a bit of farmland that is not being used, a great small business idea for you is to purchase calves and raise them for organic beef. Your community will be healthier and you will be wealthier.
These days everyone is very concerned about their food supply and they want to purchase organically grown food. They want meat and chicken that has been raised organically. And they want to be sure that the meat has not been contaminated with steroids or other medications. Any small business ideas that support this need are going to be successful.

All you need to get started on your small business ideas is to purchase some calves. You need to keep them well fed and well watered and healthy. Once they are large enough, you can either sell them to someone who will take them to market, or you can sell them to individuals from your community. If you are selling to individuals, the best way to handle the transaction is probably to make an agreement with a local butcher for you to deliver the beef to them. They will handle it from the point of delivery. The person purchasing the beef will place an order to have the meat processed to their specifications and they will pay the butcher for that service. They will only pay you for the purchase of the animal and having it delivered to the butcher.
Of course you paid for the calf and you paid for the food during the time you cared for it, but your small business ideas will still be quite profitable.

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